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Genre Adventure/Point-and-click/Puzzle
Developers Daedalic Entertainment
Game Modes Single-player
Game Rating

Included FREE extras: 4 wallpapers + soundtrack (MP3) + soundtrack (FLAC) + music video + 14 avatars + 42 artworks

About: Lilli is the best-behaved little girl in the world. She executes all her chores in a diligent manner, no matter how unfair they may be. Her innocent, imperturbable way of carrying out the orders of others has something both tragic and eerie about it. Any angry thoughts, any childlike disobedience is buried deep beneath a seemingly impenetrable surface of sweetness. But how long will these feelings stay hidden? And where do the friendly little gnomes come from that paint over everything unpleasant in Lilli?s vicinity with a pleasant pink color? Are they real or just a product of her subconscious? Find out in Edna & Harvey: Harvey?s New Eyes!

  • Unique cartoon graphics, completely hand-drawn in 2D and implemented in Full-HD.
  • Classic point-and-click adventure game with challenging puzzles, hours of dialogue and 53 locations.
  • Bizarre characters and wacky humor ? a hilarious gaming experience.

Minimum system requirements - Windows: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / 8, 2 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM, 256 MB graphics card compatible with DirectX 9 , 3 GB HDD. Minimum system requirements - Mac: OS X 10.7 or later, 2 GHz Intel (Dual Core) Processor, 2 GB RAM, 3 GB HDD.

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